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Florida Vets Recommend Leptospirosis Vaccinations Due to Outbreak

Cases of leptospirosis are on the rise in Florida, so some vets are recommending a controversial vaccination against this potentially deadly disease.

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FDA Approves Vetsulin for Use with Injection Pens for Dogs and Cats

The FDA announced its first approval of Vetsulin, an insulin that can be used in automatic injection pens for dogs and cats with diabetes.

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The Top 10 Pet Toxins of 2013

Insecticides and…laundry detergent? Here are the top pet toxins of 2013, based on deaths reported to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

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HOW TO Topics: A to Z

Find A Vet’s HOW TO topics help answer your questions about dog health care. A new topic is posted every Wednesday.

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Vodka Saves Life of Maltese Who Ingested Antifreeze

To save the life of a dog who ingested deadly antifreeze, a Melbourne animal hospital fed him vodka intraveneously over two days.

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HOW TO Treat Compulsive Disorders in Dogs

Does your dog chase his tail over and over? Does he lick himself incessantly? Does he bark madly over nothing? He could have a compulsive disorder.

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